Operational Control

We offer a comprehensive Dry Lease Analysis to Ensure Operational Control resides with the appropriate party

Compliance with FARS

An Operational Control Checklist with all appropriate documentation ensures your dry lease isn’t operating in a questionable light

Pilot Training and Support

Ensure your pilots are operating with the appropriate training and all well prepared to operate under the necessary requirements of your dry lease

Leasing Support

Prospective and Retrospective Operational Control Compliance Analysis

About us

Enjoy the best piece of mind.

Our consultants are third generation pilots who actively work in the industry and know the challenges complicated regulations pose. Reach out to us today to learn more about the team.  

D2OC helps the industry and the FAA to right operators/lessees so as to help them aviod violating the regulations. D2OC experts will educate their clients as to the current law and prevailing interpretations so that we can formulate a tailor-made solution for their dry leasing of aircraft.

The secret of success

The secret to success is having a dry lease that successfully transfers Operational Control from owner to lessee. The lessee at all times is responsible for exercising Operational Control.

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