Who is Direct to Operational Control?

Direct to Operational Control was started by pilots, one of whom has legal expertise in the Aviation field.


What is Direct to Operational Control?

Direct to Operational Control is an LLC that aims to provide Lessees with Operational Control expertise in order to conduct flights in full compliance with FAA regulations and guidance. Our final product to each lessee is an Operational Control binder containing all of the relevant information for dry leasing, insurance, aircraft maintenance, flight operations, pilot qualifications and currency.


When do I need Operational Control?

Right after signing you dry lease with an LLC owned aircraft, you should as a lessee engage D2OC to initiate Operational Control research and fact finding. The binder assembly can take between 2 to 4 weeks to complete depending on turnaround time from your insurance company, pilots, and aircraft mechanics.


Where is Operational Control Required?

On every flight, your aircraft will be equipped with the Operational Control binder that is suited to answer questions of operations and legal concerns to third parties and interested regulators.


Why do I need Operational Control?

The FAA has stated that sham dry leases are of high priority for enforcement. A sham dry lease is one that does not have legitimate transfer of Operational Control. In order to correctly transfer Operational Control a lessee must meet stringent requirements. Enforcement penalties can be in the tens of thousands of dollars for every flight. So transferring Operational Control for each flight is critical. D2OC can prepare you to ensure that you transfer Operational Control for each and every flight.


How do I exercise Operational Control?

We use our trademarked table of contents to guide our fact finding and assemble the necessary documentation. Then we conduct a training session with the lessee, pilots, and other parties to ensure that they understand Operational Control, how the FAA requires pilots and lessees to understand and exercise the transfer of Operational Control.


How Much does your service cost?

Call or Use our contact form to request a quote. Please include your aircraft make/model, and we can present a custom quote and consulting agreement to you within 24 hours.